A Painting A day Workshop

Let your your creativity to blossom by creating a painting each day for a week.     In this inspiring guided workshop participants will work from life, photographs and the subject matter of their choice- the only restriction is that every painting be completed in a 3 hour period each day. This simple restriction helps unlock the barriers of procrastination and lets you enjoy the momentum of painting with others in a relaxed and fun environment.

Monday to Friday   3.5 hrs  (with short break for lunch) each day 10-1:30pm

 This Summer-schedule TBA

5 sessions for 250 euros- limited space

** all materials included



Painting Pub Night

Shake off some stress in this exciting painting workshop that combines sociability and creativity. Sip your favorite Pinot Noir and get lost in your process as we guide you, with simple instruction, through the painting du jour. Two blissful hours later, you’ll emerge back onto the gritty streets with your completed canvas in hand, and without a care in the world. All workshops are held at local pubs and lead by local artists. Check the website often to find the next pub and date. The painting posted on the site will be the one we will create that evening. Absolutely no experience required. Acrylic paint is used and all materials are provided. 

Approx. 2 hours, 40 euro/per person. Next pub night:

Friday, September 16 @ 7pm. Limited space!


Terrarium Building workshop-


Back by popular demand! Join us for a short course that will cover everything you need to know about building a terrarium-Step by step we will work hands on to understand how the ecosystem of a terrarium works- beginning with the correct substrates for drainage, choosing suitable plants and vessels, down to specific care. Each student will build their own and leave with a terrarium at the end of the workshop. 2.5 hours of fun. 

Saturday, September 24th, 10-12:30

65 euro per person, all materials included.

SOLD OUT-next workshop will begin in October,  TBA




It is possible to join a class at any time.


Nude on Saturday

Explore the time-honoured tradition of figurative painting in a relaxed studio setting. We will be working almost exclusively from life-capturing the nuances of this expressive art form beginning with quick gesture studies, moving all the way to longer poses with the model. Students are encouraged to work with the medium of their choice and at their own pace. Students will benefit by sharing the models's fee. All levels welcome.

2.5 hrs, the first Saturday of every month


10 sessions for 280 euros 


The Portrait

One of the most enduring subjects in the history of painting, the portrait never ceases to intrigue us. In this class we will be working from both from the photograph and from life. Starting from the basics we will learn how to compose a portrait and how to render the unique qualities of the sitter from life to paint. Oil or acrylic, all levels.

2.5 hrs on Tuesday, 630-9pm 

10 sessions for 280 euros


Botanical drawing and painting

Learn a little about this rich tradition and how to capture the delicacy of flowers. Expressive or realist- learn how to use colour, style and composition. Expect to be woking mostly from observation, often outdoors when weather permits. 

2 hrs on Monday, 1-3pm

10 sessions for 250 euros


Art Sampler-Mixedmedia

Want to nurture your creativity but unsure which medium is best for you? In this introduction to art basics we will devote a few classes each to collage, oil, acrylic, basic print making and clay. All the fun of discovery without the commitment!

2 hours  Thursday 7:00-9:00

10 sessions for 250 euros 



Acrylic painting-beginner to intermediate

Join us on Wednesdays to explore the incredibly versatile world of acrylic painting. This class will cover various painting styles and techniques from beginner to intermediate.  We will be working from life, as well as choosing individual projects.  We will be working on canvas, paper, and panel. Learn the fundamental skills of acrylic through color mixing, composition to develop your style.

2.5 hrs on Tuesdays 12:30-2 and Thursdays at 10-12:30

10 sessions for 280 euros

Painting-Open studies

This class is exclusively dedicated to an exploration of painting in all its forms. It is a student-led class, in that each student can move freely in the painting media of their choice-oil, acrylic, gouche and everything in between. Absolute beginners and those looking to deepen their knowledge of painting will be welcome. The instructor will be there to facilitate and offer support.

2 hours on Saturdays 11:30-1:30

10 sessions for 250 euros

Art a la carte

Every Thursday from 10-2 is an open invitation for artists of all backgrounds and skill levels to come and work in the studio. Use the time how you like-with or without instruction, separately or as part of a group, with or without materials. Send me an email about how you'd like to use the time and space and let's dream up something creative.

Thursday 10-2 

drop-ins welcome 



photo: H. Lartigue