pop bottle planters

Pop-bottle Planters


This is a craft that’s easy for toddlers and older artists too. Here’s what you’ll need:


empty plastic bottle

carpet knife

acrylic paints and brushes

water, rag

soil, sand or rocks 

light gage wire or s-hook

plants-basil, nasturtium, etc, either from seed or as seedlings


Cut the top off your bottle with a knife as cleanly as possible. Assemble your paints and brushes. You can paint two ways: for a more finished look, decorate the inside of the plastic bottle. Little ones will find it easier to paint the outside. Let dry. Poke a hole about 3 inches down the side of the bottle and thread through with the wire or s-hook, so you can hang it later. 

For the plants-all plants need drainage. Pour a handful of small stones or sand in first, then follow with soil. Plants that drape over the sides of pot will look the best. The Summer is over but Belgium has a very mild climate, so you can really grow plants at almost any time of year. Hanging herb gardens are great and you can vary the sizes of the bottles to make a nice display when hung together.


Posted on March 2, 2017 .