Hot Air Ballon mixed Media

This is a versatile craft that is fun even for toddlers, just explain to them that the colourful side the paper has to be facing out :)

you’ll need:

Strips of coloured paper, cut into 6-7 inch strips, different thicknesses

scissors and a cutting knife/blade,

large sheet of white or blue paper

glue stick


With a pencil, draw out the outline of a hot air balloon; make it big, it will be the focal point. Use the blade to cut out the interior of the balloon.  Cut out the balloon part only and save the interior bit. D Colour in the sky and draw he basket of the balloon. Encourage your kid to think about what time of day it might be and what could be in the sky-sunset, night, birds, plane,etc. When the drawing is done, flip it over and starting at the top of the balloon, begin to glue the strips of paper, coloured side facing out, over the empty space until it is completely filled. Flip it over and you are ready to add whomever will be riding in the balloon. Use the leftover paper from the interior to draw a small figure or animal to go inside the basket and glue that on as well. I used old fake-wood drawer-liner material for the basket but you can use any interesting paper.


Posted on April 13, 2017 .