How does your garden grow?

How does your Garden Grow?


This is craft for everybody and kids really respond best when you get involved. Begin by challenging yourselves tocover the whole paper and if you can, leave it up for some time and add to it-it's a great exercise for kids to not necessarily think of art having to be finished or perfect.

What you’ll need:

A roll of paper, craft or white

scissors and glue stick

cupcake liners, plain or decorated

various coloured bits of paper-construction paper, leftover wrapping, magazines, etc

Paint-Watercolour or acrylic and small brush or corks for stamping


Either tape up your big sheet of paper on the wall or lay it out on the table.  Cutor draw a few plant stems onto the paper to start. Begin adding leaves, dirt, blossoms and bugs in any media. The cupcake liners make great 3-D flowers. Keep adding until you are happy with the result.