Ink blot bugs

This is good activity for all age groups-from toddlers to adults because its always a thrill to see what happens when you unfold your paper. You will need:
4-5 eye droppers, acrylic paint or liquid watercolours, standard white paper, scissors, glue heavier card stock and transparent papers (optional)

First fold a bunch of the white paper in half. Then in several small cups, dilute the paint until it can be pulled up easily with the eyedropper while still staying vibrant. Runny is no good, the paint has to have flow-y yet have blobby consistency. Mix the colours well for each cup and place an eyedropper in each one, explaining that this dropper is just for this colour. Open your paper and with your eyedropper draw out a bug in lines and blobs on one side of the paper only. Include insect details like antennae and spots.The coolest bugs we made had both light and dark colours next to one another. Draw out your bug in careful blobs and lines without using too much paint. When you are ready, squish your bug by folding the dry side onto the wet side and open to reveal your pattern. Make 3-4 at a go, because it will take about 30-45 min for them to dry. After that you can stick them on the heavier card stock if you chose (looks nice with a 1/2 inch edge on it) or just get out the scissors to cut out your bug and add legs and transparent wings or any small details.