Recycled Robot

Recycled Robots

This activity stirs the imagination of kids of all ages. Before starting I found it helpful to have a talk about what powers your robot-this inspired kids to create all kinds of interesting devices to make their robot “work”-whether it was plant energy or bubble jets under the sea. Let this guide you in putting out materials to use. Some of the things we put out were small boxes (mini cereal or match boxes for the interior of the robot), old keys, clogs, straws, small plastic toys, beads, metal pot scrubbers for the hair, google eyes and all kinds cardboard scraps. We painted our cardboard first and then I had the kids design their robot on that first before I glued everything down with the glue gun. The basics for what you need are: 

A small panel of recycled cardboard to glue your robot on, small boxes for the body and head for the robot, robot-y bits and pieces (aforementioned)and a glue gun.

Posted on February 26, 2018 .