Coffee Filter Flowers


Kids love it when there is some transformative element in their craft and this easy, pretty Summer

craft definately fits the bill. You’ll need some white coffee filters cut up into flower shapes or

circles, some felt pens, some string, glue, a spray bottle and a branch. First color the entire

surface of the filter paper with your felt pens , making it as colorful as you can. When this is

complete, place your drawing on a towel and spray it until the ink runs together (but not so much

that the ink runs off-you’ll get the hang of it. Kids love this part) Once the colors have run, place

the paper over top of something that might give it a flower shape-we used toilet rolls with a string

tied on onto it to keep the edges down but anything to give some depth will do-you can also skip

this part if you have nothing handy. Make about 4-5 flowers and leave them to dry-it takes about 2

hours. A good time to head outside and find a branch you like to glue the flowers onto. We also

glued on some green paper leaves. A glue gun works best to glue the flowers and leaves on, but

strong white glue does the trick as well. Some kids with siblings pooled their resources and made

a “family branch” with tons of flowers, others wanted to string the flowers up and let them

cascade down. Either way, kids 4-10 loved this craft.