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Coffee Filter Flowers


Kids love it when there is some transformative element in their craft and this easy, pretty Summer

craft definately fits the bill. You’ll need some white coffee filters cut up into flower shapes or

circles, some felt pens, some string, glue, a spray bottle and a branch. First color the entire

surface of the filter paper with your felt pens , making it as colorful as you can. When this is

complete, place your drawing on a towel and spray it until the ink runs together (but not so much

that the ink runs off-you’ll get the hang of it. Kids love this part) Once the colors have run, place

the paper over top of something that might give it a flower shape-we used toilet rolls with a string

tied on onto it to keep the edges down but anything to give some depth will do-you can also skip

this part if you have nothing handy. Make about 4-5 flowers and leave them to dry-it takes about 2

hours. A good time to head outside and find a branch you like to glue the flowers onto. We also

glued on some green paper leaves. A glue gun works best to glue the flowers and leaves on, but

strong white glue does the trick as well. Some kids with siblings pooled their resources and made

a “family branch” with tons of flowers, others wanted to string the flowers up and let them

cascade down. Either way, kids 4-10 loved this craft.

Large Tipi

This craft is project that is more fun to build together, as details will occur to you as you work. The first step is a trip to the forest to gather 5 strong but light sticks, as straight as possible.You might also want to grab some moss and pine cones while you are out there. You tipi can be as large or small as you like. Aside from the sticks, here’s what you’ll need:

Strong rubber elastic, various twine or string from around the house, various coloured paper, scissors, tape and any bibs and bobs you might have hanging around-pompoms, beads, paint etc. The first step is to decorate your sticks; paper is more painless than paint-cut some long, skinny strips of paper and secure one end with tape, wrapping it as you go to make stripes and securing with more tape at the end. Once all your sticks are decorated, hold therm all loosely together in one hand and arrange them on the floor or tabletop from the bottom-attempting to make sure all the branches touch the surface kind of evenly and also that they are spread apart in a circular tipi. Once balance is ok, wrap the top branches together with the elastic, or bind with twine. Now your basic shape is built and you can think about fun details-moss observatory? Hammock? Personalised flags? You can weave as much or as little as you like onto your basic structure using string, paper or extra malleable branches like cedar. 

Posted on July 24, 2017 .

Ink blot bugs

This is good activity for all age groups-from toddlers to adults because its always a thrill to see what happens when you unfold your paper. You will need:
4-5 eye droppers, acrylic paint or liquid watercolours, standard white paper, scissors, glue heavier card stock and transparent papers (optional)

First fold a bunch of the white paper in half. Then in several small cups, dilute the paint until it can be pulled up easily with the eyedropper while still staying vibrant. Runny is no good, the paint has to have flow-y yet have blobby consistency. Mix the colours well for each cup and place an eyedropper in each one, explaining that this dropper is just for this colour. Open your paper and with your eyedropper draw out a bug in lines and blobs on one side of the paper only. Include insect details like antennae and spots.The coolest bugs we made had both light and dark colours next to one another. Draw out your bug in careful blobs and lines without using too much paint. When you are ready, squish your bug by folding the dry side onto the wet side and open to reveal your pattern. Make 3-4 at a go, because it will take about 30-45 min for them to dry. After that you can stick them on the heavier card stock if you chose (looks nice with a 1/2 inch edge on it) or just get out the scissors to cut out your bug and add legs and transparent wings or any small details.